Thursday, August 25, 2011

Backne To School

Whether you're the parent of a grade school child or a returning student yourself. Everybody is dealing with the stress of returning back to school. The bedtimes, class schedules, school supplies and the hundred million demands involved in preparing for a new school year.

Is your skin showing any signs of the additional stress this time of year inevitably brings? I know mine is. Consequently it's not always written all over my face, either. I've been experiencing a real problem with back acne lately, too. How about you?

Back acne or backne as some call it is the zits or pimples that pop up on our backs and across our neck or shoulders. It can be a real problem and sometimes really painful. Often bacne is cystic acne. Pimples deep under the skins surface.

So tell me, how is the "bacne" to school season affecting you?

Here's a back acne treatment tip I laid on y'all a while back.

I'd love to hear from you guys and the steps you take and the routines you follow during your journey to beautiful, clear, healthy, skin.

Something else I'd like to talk about; video is a great tool for communicating and learning and I want to start offering video tutorials here for your benefit. That being said, I don't want to put just anything up here. What would you like to see regarding skin care? What special problems do you need solutions for? Let me know and I'll work on getting answers for you.

Here's hoping your back to school isn't filled with nasty breakouts or any backne! Don't forget to stay well rested and hydrated and redirect that stress into some healthy exercise or long walks in the evening. Find something you love doing and make sure you enjoy your days. One thing is for certain, none of us is getting out of this alive so live big and make your dreams come true!

Till next time this is Thursday with Tuesday :)