Saturday, December 26, 2009

Acne Device

I want to take this time to wish all a belated Merry Christmas and an on time happy new year.

Well it's official. I now own just about every acne device known to mankind. Christmas morning when I got up, there were more presents than usual under the tree. Holidays in my house are most of the time dedicated to the kids who make out like bandits. But this year there were many presents tagged with my name from Santa under the tree. Not really giving it much though. I unwrapped my first present and low and behold it was a Zeno zapper. Well, since that zit zapper post is still fresh in my mind and you guys have not been very forth coming with your experiences. I figured I'd use the good fortune to check out this acne clearing device and report back to you guys with my findings.

As I unwrapped my second present I could see it was a Thermacare acne zapper. Well it became real obvious, real quick that my better half was up to some shenanigans and being the quick to the point person I am. Opening presents came to a screeching halt till I got some answers as there was some 'splain to be done.

It's seems someone saw my acne fight rant and must of taken pity on me or something. Anyway, I had been thinking of pulling down that acne post as I regretted pushing the publish button the moment I posted it. I don't usually get down on myself and stress over my zits but sometimes the beast just gets the better of me. However, at the very least I wanted to apologize to you guys. But like my desire to pull the post, I just never got around to it. So consider this my apology to you as I will try to not let my acne get the best of me again.

That being said, the post seems to have become the impetus for a Christmas filled with acne device presents. Seems someone thinks I am a T- Rex when it comes to the latest, greatest pimple inventions that technology can come up with. Evidently, remedies for pimples like swimming in salt water to get rid of acne are passé. Finding and sticking with the right acne soap is something that only your grandma does. And if you want that flawless movie star skin you have to be using some sort of acne device. Never mind about the soft filters on the camera lenses or the airbrushed photography. If you aren't dropping a ton of cash on the latest acne device you just aren't with it. If it doesn't heat or flash colors like a traffic signal it can't possibly be doing anything to help your acne.

Well, far be it from me to be the proverbial rid of zit stick in the mud. I am determined to try every acne device that presently sits under my tree. That Quasar acne blue light treatment, watch out here I come. That Panasonic pore cleanser with mist is mine. Same goes for that Lightstim led light therapy shower handle looking thingy.

I won't bore you with further details of the acne devices that have just come into my possession. Rest assured that there are plenty to keep me busy for a very long time. Just glancing over the acne device light selections, it's very likely that I could be exposing myself to enough acne fighting rays that I could quite possibly turn into the Hulk. But that is a risk I am willing to assume as I continue on my quest to find the best way to prevent and get rid of acne. My pledge to you is that I shall leave no acne device unturned.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Last night a dear friend of mine called to thank me for helping her 15 year old get rid of her bacne. She had called about 3 weeks ago because her poor child was getting teased pretty well by the other kids and mom was at her wits end. For you guys that may not know, bacne is just a slang name for back acne or back zits, pimples or whatever you may want to call them. While it is really no different than any other type of body acne, it's probably more severe and cystic in nature. This can make them especially difficult to get rid of. I know because I have firsthand experience with it.

You see, a great deal of my teen acne issues revolved around bacne. While I got a good dose of face acne I also had a good face treatment in my arsenals that actually keep my face blemishes to a minimum. But those back zits, well that was a different story.

None of the pills or potions that my dermatologist prescribed (today it's most likely tetracycline or minocycline) and suggested offered any relief. And it was the same negative response with the topical ointments and washes (Retin-A, benzoyl peroxide etal.). So there I was left to fend for myself. It took me awhile, but sure enough after some trial and error with various acne fighting solutions I stumbled upon a bacne natural treatment that worked for me many years ago which I was more than happy to impart to my friends 15 year old and now I guess I'll relay to you.

Because the back is difficult for most people to reach by themselves you should invest in a long handled very soft bristled brush. This brush is used to exfoliate your back once or twice a week with a sugar scrub. If you want or feel you need to get a tad more aggressive, you can do a salt scrub, but don't go nuts. When you are not exfoliating to remove dead skin wrapping your face clothing around the brush and using castile soap or your favorite acne cleanser makes an excellent every day cleansing instrument for your back or your whole body for that matter.

Wear loose fitting cotton garments whenever possible. If you don't believe that tight fitting clothing and sweating are a cause of bacne, talk to some football players and ask them about forehead acne from tight fitting helmets and chest and bacne from shoulder pads. I saw it first hand with my son when he played football. So lay off the spandex and other tight fitting clothing that don't allow your skin to breath.

You guys know how I feel about pimple popping. Don't do it. I almost didn't bother to even bring this up because the back is that one place that's just about impossible for someone to do any self zit popping. But with all the You Tube acne video's that I've seen on the net there doesn't seem to be any shortage of accomplices willing to have at those nasty pimples wherever they may be. Besides bacne has a nasty habit of leaving scars and while they may not be as noticeable to you like face acne scars would be. A pitted and scared back is not a pleasant sight.

Now, here's the secret to my bacne remedy. In a spray bottle mix 2 ounces of vinegar to 6 ounces of water and approx 1/32 of an ounce of tea tree oil. And after every shower spray a light mist over your back. While I have no scientific explanation why this acne home remedy works, I can say. It worked wonders for me, my friend's 15 year old and my own son. Everyone reported their bacne was gone in 2 weeks.