Monday, July 13, 2009

Popping Pimples

You know that getting rid of pimples by popping them is a no no. Everything you know goes against that urge. But you have it in your head that that pimple has to go and you are going to take it upon yourself to pop that bad boy.

Well let me take a stab at changing your mind. Why not head over to the dermatologists’ office and let him/her have a wack at popping the pimples for you. Those guys have the experience and proper tools to do those zits justice. Most important, they know which pimples to leave alone when popping. I mean how expensive can it be. When you are talking about permanent acne scaring. When it comes to getting rid of pimples, these guys are professional pimple poppers.

Ok. So you are still determined to pop you pimples. Please keep these common sense tips in mind.

If the pimple hasn’t made it to your skins surface and have a “head” leave it alone. Whiteheads and pustules are candidates for self popping but papules should are in a category all by themselves and self popping should not be attempted.

If you are going to squeeze be clean. Get rid of the dirt and makeup on your skin with a good wash before you go to town. Make sure your hands and any instruments are clean and disinfected.

Never use your fingernails or just your fingers alone. Use a Kleenex or better yet gauze pads to apply gentle pressure on the pimple and to remove the pus from a successful squeeze. If the gentle pressure doesn’t get the pimple to pop it’s probably too imbedded in your skin. Squeezing should be discontinued as this is a high risk candidate for acne scarring. You can try mixing a salt water solution (½ tsp salt per ½ cup water) apply to the area and leave on for about 10 minutes then wash off. You can reattempt another round of gentle pressure in a couple of days.

I n closing, popping pimples is not a recommended course of action to getting rid of your pimples but I fully understand the desire and urges to do so. If you decide it’s a course you want to pursue please err on the side of caution and use gentle pressure and no more. Good luck