Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Remedies

Acne is a problem just about everybody “faces” in their lifetime. The desire for clear skin drives a billion dollar industry and people are willing to do anything or pay any price to achieve clear, beautiful skin. I’m someone who’s always thought it’s possible to find a home remedy for just about anything right in your own home or garden; kitchen or medicine cabinet.

Why pay money for something you probably already have sitting in a cabinet or under a sink? Even better, you can probably find the ingredients you need growing in your garden or that of friends.

Interestingly enough, there are probably just as many home remedies for acne as there are acne products lining the shelves of the local drug and discount stores. When you start to learn more about the actual ingredients that actively fight acne and its causes you begin to see they are usually very in-expensive, easy to procure and a natural approach to you fight with acne.

When comparing home remedies to those remedies you will find in the drug store or your local discount store, you will come to see the difference between them regarding the results you will see is minimal. You may even find home remedies rival those of prescription medications in some situations. They will certainly cost you a lot less time and money.

One of the first things to realize is that skin is relatively sensitive and responds quickly to stimulation. Many times people will actually aggravate skin break outs by using harsh medications, scrubs and cleansers. The gentle approach is always best. If you’re not careful, not only will you make a bad situation worse, you will often create new problems. Also it’s always best to find the gentlest approach, using the least amount of medicine to achieve a good result.

One of the best home remedies for breakouts is a product most of us already have in our home. We normally use it to treat minor cuts or abrasions and some people mix it with baking soda as a way of whitening their teeth. I’m speaking of course of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best treatments and preventative treatments of acne. It acts as an astringent, a bleaching agent, and a drying agent. Not to be confused with Benzoyl Peroxide, which is also a very good preventative and an excellent tool in the fight against acne, Hydrogen Peroxide is much cheaper and accessible to everyone.

Witch hazel is another home remedy which used to be in everybody’s home at one time. It acts as an excellent astringent and works to fight the bacteria which help cause breakouts. Witch hazel is also an excellent help if you have sunburn and want to sooth the pain. Keep a bottle in the refrigerator and apply liberally to a cloth or paper towels then drape lightly over affected skin. You will gain instant relief. Witch Hazel also helps ease problems with swelling so if you have a particularly irritated skin breakout witch hazel may be the way to go.

Another home remedy in aiding the fight against acne is good old H2O. Water is one of the best things you can use in your fight against acne. We all know humans are mainly made up of water and our bodies are in constant need of hydration. If you’re experiencing problems with skin breakouts try drinking double the amount of the daily recommended quantity. Simply doing that will help flush your system and hydrate your skin which will aid tremendously in your fight against acne. You should see results almost immediately.

Go ahead. Open your kitchen cabinets and find a home remedy that will help in your battle to get rid of acne.


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