Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blackhead Removal

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent looking in the mirror squeezing blackheads out of my nose, forehead and chin. I’ll never forget the first time I noticed those horrid blackheads! Not that it was so difficult to see them; my nose looked like the checkered black and white tiled floor in the Beverly Hillbillies. They were everywhere and I was in a panic. With my curious first squeeze these little cork screw white cream tarts with a black top hat released from their cradle. Oh my gosh, what a disgusting sight! I didn’t help matters any with my initial horror and shock!

Over time I learned that blackheads were simply the product of my skin pores not draining properly the sebum oil that’s naturally produced. Before you know it a blockage can occur. The bacteria start to do its thing and viola, the pore gets completely clogged and your new best friend on the tip of your nose is a whitehead or a blackhead.

I don’t care how beautiful your eyes are, it’s not going to distract anyone from noticing anything but the pimple that’s taken up residence on your face.

Now the question becomes how do you get rid of that blackhead? You want it gone, plain and simple.

Blackhead removal: Comedome (Blackhead) Extractors – These little handy devices are a much safer method for blackhead removal than squeezing with your fingers. There are any numbers of cosmetic companies that manufacture these blackhead removers and they can be quite inexpensive, around $5.00 or so. You simply apply a little circular pressure with the extractor over the affected area and that little bit of force will push the comedome to the surface. It’s best to do this after a warm shower or maybe apply warm water compresses to help soften the skin and the affected area. After the offending blackhead has squirted to freedom, use an antiseptic to disinfect the area as well as your new found best friend the black head extractor. A little alcohol and hot water should do the trick.

Now that the blackheads have been removed and are gone, we need to take a proactive approach so they don’t return. A little preventative action to keep the blackheads away goes a long way!

If you are using oil based make-up get rid of it. These products are going to make it a lot easier to clog your pores. They are non-comedogenic (wow listen to me getting all technical and all) what that boils down to is, it will clog your skin, and that’s what you’re trying to avoid! So use water based make-up. It’s that simple.

When washing your face, put down the harsh chemical washes and abrasive pads. They’re only irritating your skin and forcing your skin to produce more problems as it attempts to combat the harsh treatment. Gentle cleanser and warm water washing using your hands should be fine to get rid of and keep those blackheads away. A little Benzoyl Peroxide should be O. K. in helping keep your breakouts at bay. As the anti-bacterial properties should do their job. Blackheads like all types of acne require different methods for their prevention and removal. These all depend on the individual. The trick is to find what works for you and what gets rid of your blackheads.


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  2. Hi!! Does anyone know what I can do to take away my blackheads and acne-(things from our houses that I can use???).