Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tips for Getting Rid of Acne - My Top Ten

It seems everywhere I turn someone is always imparting their idea of what are great tips for getting rid of acne. I guess around the neighborhood I am becoming known as the Acne Pro and get stopped to discuss the topic no matter where I am. Well after watching Letterman last night I have decided it's time for me to add my 2 cents and do my own top ten list. So without further adu allow me to present my Top 10 List: Tips for Getting Rid of Acne

10.) Wear loose fitting cloth that allows your skin to breath.

9.) Avoid wearing makeup whenever possible and when you do try to stay away from oil based cosmetics. They are more prone to clogging pores.

8.) Get enough Zinc in your diet. Zinc is an effective antibiotic for preventing acne and a necessary element for the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands of the skin. Low levels of zinc can actually account for acne breakouts.

7.) Have a carrot. Carrots are great for your well being. You can add it to your diet raw, cooked or juiced and even use it as a facial mask for your complexion. They are high in vitamin A which is necessary for your skin but also an excellent antibiotic to help fight off acne.

6.) Use clean towels every day and change your pillow case every other day. Ok you caught me, this is really 2 tips for getting rid of acne in 1. But the point should be fairly obvious. Anything that comes in contact with you face should be clean. Reapplying yesterday's bacteria by drying you freshly washed face with a soiled towel doesn't make a lot of sense, nor does resting that face on a pillow case that hasn't been laundered in days.

5.) Don't over wash. The point of washing up is to remove the dirt, bacteria and grime of the day off your skin. Using harsh detergents and too much cleansing, does nothing more than dry out your skin, stripping your complexion of necessary oils and moisture which makes your condition worse.

4.) Properly exfoliate. It's imperative to remove the dead skin cells from your skin so as not to allow a condition where the pores become clogged and bacteria is allowed to fester. But like tip number 5 for getting rid of acne, moderation is the key, once maybe twice a week.

3.) Keep your hair clean.

2.) Drink more water. This liquid is the secret fountain of youth.

And the number one tip for getting rid of acne is?

1.) Don't pop your pimples. There really isn't any good that can come from this practice so why indulge. For a little refresher see popping pimples.

Well there you have it kids, my top ten tips for getting rid of acne.


  1. is it true that proactive ruins skin?

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